All our bags are made with selected full-grain, the first layer or top-grain 
 cow leather.
We never make bags with second layer leather, or any other poor-quality leather.
Our Leather ''Crazy Horse Leather'' is the highest quality in real cow leather. 
Crazy horse leather, also known as saddle leather, Is polished 
by applying a special kind of wax to the already smooth, full grain leather surface.
 It helps the leather to keep in its original format for a long lasting time, 
and create a luscious variety of hues what increase the beauty of the leather.
Here are some benefits from Crazy Horse Leather:
The durability is the first factor that gives you the surety that if you buy the bag made from crazy horse leather, you will never regret it, for it worth the money you pay for it.
Its water-resistant nature makes it the best choice for putting your sensitive stuff like documents and the mobile phone that you want to keep safe from water.
The wax that is applied to the real leather to reinforce the fiber makes it resistant against many other things, such as food stains, fungus, some types of leather processing, etc.
The article made from this leather is the unique piece you can ever have, for scratching the fiber will introduce a new shade of the leather to you, making it a fantastic piece for you.
The trend of crazy horse leather is almost never-ending. Approximately 30 years ago, it was introduced, and even after 30 years, it is still that much popular among the people.
Click here for instructions about leather care
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